Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Found Gray! AAAHHHHH!

It's official.  I am now feeling as old as my big brother!  I am turning 32 on Wednesday. I looked up in the rear view mirror this morning and found my first gray hair!  I know 32 is not old, I am not sad about that, I am sad about the new acquired expense and time it will take to cover up the gray.  Blah! 

I welcome 32 with open arms!  I am so very lucky to have made it this far, life is not a guarantee.  I feel fantastic!  I am on the road to getting in the best shape of my life, inspired everyday.  I have more energy and achieving my fitness goals don't seem so unachievable, really.  Life is great!

Since my last prenatal visit in September 2011, I am down 31 lbs!  Who knows, maybe on my 32nd birthday, I will be down 32 lbs!  I feel accomplished, but realize that I have much polishing to do!  We have always wanted 4 kids, now that we have completed our family, it feels right to get in shape.  I donated my body to childbearing for the last 11 years, now it's my time!  I love my strong, healthy kids, they are my world.  I morphed my body for them, and I am ok with that!

I love birthday's, I always say "beats the alternative!" 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

P90X: Week 1

Well, well, well!!!!! That was KILLER! Killer in a very good way! Week 1 brought a lot of muscle soreness and tests of endurance, BUT I DID IT!  Bring on week 2.....

This would all not be possible without my husband, my wonderful coach and faithful partner!  You all are my strength and my motivation.  Without you, I would have given in to weakness and not returned after Day 2.... seriously! 

Since I am chicken sh*t to share my before shots at this time, I share a drawing of myself created by myself!  I will get the courage, one day, to share, but not today.  I am in love with my energy and I know everyone around me is also in love with my good mood!!!! 

I do this for ME, for my kids, for my husband and my family!  I am inspired to be at my best.  I can do this, and I have such a great support system I would be insane not to take advantage!